Planning your own kitchen renovation can bring a breath of fresh air to the living space, but sometimes it can be a disaster if the homeowner does not have experience and thinking about interior design.

Planning your own kitchen renovation can bring a breath of fresh air to the living space, but sometimes it can be a disaster if the homeowner does not have experience and thinking about interior design. From paint color to kitchen cabinets, layout between major appliances, to the overall atmosphere of the space, there are many aspects to consider when demolishing and rebuilding your kitchen. If the homeowner invests the time to do it from the beginning, they will avoid possible risks.

According to opinions from interior designers, below are 5 common mistakes people often make when renovating the kitchen. Read now to avoid them!

1/ Choosing low quality or unsuitable materials to save costs

Some families tend to choose low-end materials because of the cost-saving mentality. However, in the long run, this will become the most costly problem if during use the kitchen cabinets become damp, moldy, and have low durability.

In addition, choosing materials suitable for the environment or usage needs is also quite important. Specifically, when it comes to kitchen materials, marble can create some unpleasant problems during use because it easily stains and chips. For example, red wine will quickly stain marble countertops. Therefore, if you want to use the kitchen surface as a dining table, you should consider this material. Find out more about high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear over time.

Choosing materials for the kitchen is not only limited to price but also must be suitable for the environment and usage needs.

2/ Paint and decorate kitchen cabinets yourself

Most homeowners have one thing in common: they like to use brushes and paint to paint kitchen cabinets manually. There's actually nothing wrong with repainting your kitchen cabinets yourself, but you need to do this wisely and with a plan if you don't want to have to repaint multiple times a year.

Some types of paint cannot be used on kitchen cabinets because they stain quickly, fade or have low termite resistance. Casta encourages homeowners to consult experts to increase their level of success instead of exploring and managing on their own.

3/ The storage function of kitchen cabinets cannot be optimized

A common mistake people make when renovating their kitchen is not knowing how to optimize storage into the design or calculating how much space they actually need.

This is the reason why Casta staff often advises customers very carefully before starting to draw samples. The most important thing is to be aware of the user's daily habits to ensure the design is both functional and still highly aesthetic.

4/ Light distribution is not reasonable

There is a clear difference between a beautiful kitchen and a usable kitchen. Unfortunately, in the rush to renovate, homeowners sometimes forget about lighting and electricity, leaving the space too dark to be fully usable, without the necessary outlets for various devices.

Experts believe that the reason for the above is because the homeowner focuses too much on the main areas such as the sink, cooking… and forgets some small corners. Reasonable light distribution not only shows the homeowner's aesthetic taste but also brings a fresh, clean and luxurious feeling to the whole house.

5/ There is no connection between the kitchen and other spaces

When renovating, it's important to consider how other spaces work together or offset your kitchen to form a flow throughout the house. This doesn't mean that every one of your rooms needs to be uniform, but there are a few key elements that need to be in place to create a seamless flow.

Pay attention to color and contrast to create the most outstanding and impressive kitchen space.

Let Casta work with you to create a perfect kitchen for your home.


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