Currently, traditional kitchen cabinets are rarely used and their replacement is modular kitchen cabinets which are very popular because of their outstanding advantages.

1. What are modular kitchen cabinets?

When learning about kitchen cabinets, you often hear the phrase "modular kitchen cabinets" but many of you don't understand what a modular kitchen cabinet is? First of all, to understand what a modular kitchen cabinet is, we need to learn what a module is. Module is defined as an independent, individual block. Kitchen cabinets are built in a modular style, which means the cabinets are built into separate blocks and then joined together to form a complete set of kitchen cabinets.

2. Outstanding advantages of modular kitchen cabinets

Strong bearing capacity and good sturdiness: As you know, kitchen cabinets will usually be produced in 1 long block, saving 1 partition in the middle of the compartments. On the contrary, manufacturing modular kitchen cabinets takes more steps and materials, has bars in the middle, so it is quite sturdy, can withstand force quite well, and is highly durable. You don't need to worry too much about the quality of modular kitchen cabinets.

Unified structure: Looking at it, we will easily see that modular kitchen cabinets often form a unified block, the kitchen corners are thoroughly utilized, exploiting all functions. Because the module has its own standard measurements, it is easy to choose accessories and equipment for installation inside.

High aesthetics: Besides the above factors, modular kitchen cabinets are also preferred because of the aesthetics they bring. It can be said that modular kitchen cabinets are the optimal choice for today's modern kitchen space.

Flexibility in repair: Easily repair, change structure, repair when needed or move kitchen cabinets to other locations more easily without having to spend too much time.

With the advantages that modular kitchen cabinets bring, it helps users feel comfortable and flexible in each space, convenient in cooking operations, etc. From there, creating great experiences for users. housewife.

3. Structure of Casta kitchen cabinet module

Below are some detailed specifications about the Casta kitchen cabinet module:

– 16mm MFC board cabinet sides + moisture-proof Melamine coating.

–MFC 16mm horizontal bars covered with Melamine to prevent moisture. The horizontal bars are reinforced for the lower cabinet to place the stone surface, helping the kitchen stone surface to ensure quality and aesthetics.

–The thread on the front side of the cabinet is 1.2mm thick and is wrapped around MDF and MFC to prevent moisture from shrinking the material.

– 16mm MFC shelf covered with moisture-proof Melamine + 1.2mm thick thread.

–The bottom, back and sides of the cabinet are connected with pins and glue to ensure a durable connection.

–Casta kitchen cabinet module parts are connected to each other through connecting screws. When the cabinet's structures are perfectly reinforced, the cabinet can withstand a weight of 50 kg/m2 equivalent to the weight of 80 food dishes.

In particular, at the back of the cabinet, the side panels will be 5 - 6cm longer than the back to ensure heat and air escape from the wall stove. Besides, it will help the cabinet avoid moss caused by humidity.

If you are in need of building modular kitchen cabinets, please contact Casta, our products are present in all high-end apartment projects and are highly appreciated by customers for their quality.

Let Casta work with you to create a perfect kitchen for your home.


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